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I have tried to look on these forums for an answer to this problem. I read a few threads. Please excuse me if this has been answered thoroughly


For my EXS24 it always says "slapped electric bass.exs" not found.


I have reinstalled the audio content and jamp packs cd's twice.


I have looked in library/application/support........./sampler instruments/bass/


all the other bass .exs files are there.


the slapped bass is not in that folder.


when I am in logic and i go to my loops folder and go to electric bass, the slapped bass midi loops (i know there are audio ones too) will play in the loop browser.


but when i drag them to a new track, it comes up with the "not found" error.


What am I doing wrong?


This seems to be a common problem. This is really annoying because I really need some slap bass. Don't we all?


I'm running logic 9.1.8


Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)