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I've got an eMac, 1 ghz, ComboDrive, 40gb hard drive. As far as I know this was the last Mac model capable of booting into OS 9. I would like to make use of this capability as I have a old program that does not run properly in Classic Environment.


I have tried every method I can think of and I cannot get this computer to boot into OS 9.

The eMac originally came with Panther installed. It has been upgraded and restored a few times since then. I thought that I would be ablet to install OS 9 from the Restore disc but there doesn't seem to be any option to do that.

It will not boot from an OS 9 install CD.

I have also tried making a partition in the hard drive and installing OS 9 onto there, but that is not recognized at a bootable disk either.


I'm just about at my wit's end. How do I properly install OS 9 on this computer?

eMac 1.0 GHz ComboDrive, Mac OS X (10.3.x)