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Hi all, I still can't get my Edirol UA-25 to work in ML. Roland Edirol claims they have a 10.8 driver but they also say it only works if freeMidi or OMS are already installed. I looked up OMS and it said it was for classic 9 and PPC so it could never work in ML could it?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.3GHz Intel Core i5,8GB 1333MHz D
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    Yeah, OMS is very much "soooo last century", but it is now AMS - the Audio MIDI Setup utility.


    So, you probably interpreted something incorrectly, cause they know that there's no more OMS. Or FreeMIDI, which, from the top of my head, was an alternative to OMS by (?) MOTU.


    I have an UA-4FX (same 'vintage') and it works fine under 10.7.4, with drivers and a System Prefpanel.




    pic 2013-04-14 at 12.13.53.PNG

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    Bedankt Ericsimon, I did not read it wrong you did.


    This is from the manual for the Roland Edirol, plus the idiots at Roland think 10.8 is Intel/PPC, you can see that by looking at the un-installer,which clearly shows the whole folder was put together by Rutte


    That is a sign that this uninstaller was for PPC/Intel and if you dig deeper into Rolands downloads you can find the info that this installer works in both-universal binary/PPC

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    Hi Ericsimon, just me again, Apple had removed the 'edit' button but I wanted to show you what AMS does with that installer 

    UA 25NOT online.png

    So the AMS is th place to beNOT, AMS can find it but won't put it online because AMS knows there is something missing,I see you are presenting your arguement from Lion, move up to the next level of suffering to see what all the moaning is about.

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    Sorry Ericsimon, you were of course right, I was looking past the section on OS X and was quoting from the OS9 section. I have re installed the driver you mentioned in your post and now the Breath Controlller is sending MIDI but Logic Pro has lost its audio out output. maybe the AMS not showing the device online is the problem?


    The above image of the un installer is real, but from an earlier version.


    I apologize for my ill chosen words.