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I'm trying to wipe out the hard drive on my folks' old eMac.  I'm going to recycle the computer but it is important that I at least zero out the data and not just erase it superficially. The disk that came with the mac is 10.1.4, so I gues it doesn't have a Zero data option when I try to start fromt the disk.  Sadly my old firewire cable is MIA and I'd rather not have to buy another one just for this. 


Is there another way to zero the data? 



More info:


I can start up from the install disk that came with the machine (holding the C button while powering up) which gets you to an install page.  I've selected Disk Utility  from the menu bar and from there I can get to the "Erase" tab.  At this point  with later systems I guess you would select an HD and there will be an "Options" button that lets you choose "Zero All Data", etc.  But I can't find such an option on the older disk.


The eMac was running 10.3 something after updates. However, at this point I have superficially erased the data, as I was hoping that clicking on "erase" would give me further options.  It didn't.  So i's not 10.3 anymore, and I have not yet entered any info for a new user on the computer. 


I also have the 4 recovery disks that came with the eMac, if those matter. 



Help appreciated,