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  • 930. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    geowardev Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    may have nothing to do with nothing... i have an early 2011 MBP that ran like a top until i bought a Thunderbolt 27" monitor... suddenly started having glitchy graphics issues... finally this week i'm stuck with the freezing on gray screen issue... if i let it (MPB) sit for hours, unplugged from all periphials it will eventually reboot... I think that Apple is just pumping out product too quickly and not testing properly!

  • 931. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    lenn5 Level 4 Level 4 (2,530 points)

    Do you know how hot your MBP is getting while hooked up to your monitor? Since the MBP's GPU has to drive the large external display it might be stressing it. There are some free apps that monitor CPU and GPU temps and also apps that let you increase the speed of the fans to cool the inside of the MBP.

  • 932. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    ka_jun Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

        I am with all on you! I procrastinated for years and finally broke down and bought a MBP 15" I7 added 16gig ram and a SSD. And let's not for get the tbd display. All or nothing right! So while editing some photos the display went to a cross hatch then Radom geometric. Reload SW. Upgraded all the firmware I could find and had to lock the GPS to the hd4000 to get a picture I could use. Then started looking for root causes and it would appear the Nivea gpu is failing. I am totally disgusted and more importantly want my money back. 2900 us is a freaking lot of money to invest into anything must less something that's failing after 90 days. Total BS!. I have a hackintosh that's I have been running for three years and have not had even the slightest hiccup from. So I'll be at the apple store tomorrow am raising cane demanding may money back. And this ipad 4 will be going back to best buy tomorrow. I understand the note  is a pretty darn good device 4 core great display etc and for 499.00.

          They should change their slogan to when it works it works but not form long.

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    poikkeus1 Level 3 Level 3 (965 points)

    NInety days? I hope you'll post here with the results of your visit at the Apple Store. It's premature to pin the issue on a failing graphics card, but it's clearly a possibility.


    Temperature has been linked to this issue, but it seems your machine is relatively new. What are the temperatures on your machine? Have you noticed any other issues, as well?


    Your info might help others with similar issues.

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    ka_jun Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

       Temps should not be an issue. I originally posted here and apple said 50c + was within operation specs. I've never seen it get over 48c. All seem way to hot for any one who have been working with electronics for 30 years. I usually start looking for other cooling solutions when my desktop gets to 40c. I have not noticed any other issues, the ssd and extra ram helped cool her down some. Battery charging generates a good deal of heat too. Don't get me wrong, I love osx it is easy to use and I just like it. I love the style and finish of the apple products they should spend a little more time resolving some of the basic issues. Large heat pipes for the gpu possibly a dedicated fan or maybe just a more robust gpu. I don't have the answer! I just feel cheated and hugely disappointed. I had to sell this to my wife and it was hard to do consider she has a 800.00 Toshiba that three years old and has never had one hiccup.

  • 935. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    macssam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I watched a long documentary about

    "planned obsolescence"

    when all the useless gadgets we "own "break down it's all about profits

    it all started with the light bulb

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    ocbizlaw Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Crap, my Macbook Pro consistently runs into the 70c area and even higher regularly.  I added SMC fan controller which helped (I figure it's much cheaper to replace the power supply/fans than the logic board.  Plus, my last logic board failure, while covered by AppleCare, resulted in the loss of my MacBook for 6 days because the logic boards were on back order (that's got to mean something).


    I still feel that something is wrong because the spinning rainbow ball is almost a permanent fixture on my screen for 10 seconds or more at a time virtually everytime I do something with iTunes, Pages, and other programs.  It's only tolerable because I came from Windows Vista, so my performance expectations were so low.  Still, my TimeCapsule seems to be failing after 18 months, my mid 2010 MacBook Pro has experienced, in the 2-1/2 years I've had it, a harddisk failure and a logic board failure.  I'm old enough to remember Apple's dark ages when Jobs was gone and have had concerns about buying Apple ever since he became ill. 


    Let's face it, we pay a premium for Apple because "it just works."  But not so much these days.  But things are changing.  Try finding your audio books purchased from the iTunes on your new iPhone 5.  Right now one of my Apple TVs tells me that my iTunes homesharing isn't turned on while my other Apple TV connects with my computer just fine. 


    You've got a problem with your gpu/logic board, you go to the genius bar a few times and they tell you there is nothing wrong or it's your fault.  Then you go on line and find out that 20,000 other people are having the same problem and that Apple has been trying to hide it for 18 months.  I finally gave up on the genius bar in favor of Apple certified independent repair facilities.  At least there you can get someone to acknowledge that they are aware of the problem rather than standing in front of an Apple employee and realizing that "these aren't the droids you're looking for." 


    We have a planned replacement of all of our computers over the next 6 months and we've hired a consultant to come in and give us input on switching back to Windows based PCs.  I still own a Dell Vostro 17 that has never had any hardware failure. It's only 30 machines so it's not going to have an impact on Apple, but reading these posts, I can see that it's not just my company, it's countless Apple users.  And, as advanced as Apple is, the one thing they haven't learned in the digital age is that secrets are becoming impossible to keep. Sometimes it reminds me of a scene in "My Cousin Vinny" where the lawyer is questioning a witness who clearly is uncomfortable answering the question and the lawyer looks at him, points toward the jury, and says: "It's okay, you can say it, they already know."

  • 937. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    ocbizlaw Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Oddly, and only semi-off topic, I recently switched shaving with Fusion Cartridges which cost $35.00 or so for 8 cartridges with 4 blades each that last for 5 days, to an old fashioned safety razor for which I buy 100 of the best made razor blades on earth for the same price as 8 Fusion cartridges and get a shave twice as close without the irritation or the contribution to both the land fill and the drain on resources required to create the latest multi-blade petroleum based plastic cartridge.


    I'm the first to agree that Moore's law doesn't have the same impact in shaving that it does in computer design.  Still, there is something satisfying about something that simply works, as Apple says about itself.  If only in the case of Apple it were still true.

  • 938. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    lenn5 Level 4 Level 4 (2,530 points)

    Have you ever encoded video on your MBP or used an app that uses near 100% of both cores? If so they your temp will get well beyond 40c and more than likely over 80c.

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    Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (35,455 points)

    macssam wrote:


    I watched a long documentary about

    "planned obsolescence"

    when all the useless gadgets we "own "break down it's all about profits

    it all started with the light bulb

    It started with the stone axe, which also wore out and need repairs or replacement.

  • 940. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I hope this is the right place to put this. My early 2011 *March 2011* 17 inch Macbook pro needed a new logic board this month. Out of the box there was a power handling issue with the headphone jack and I thought the issue was due to needing to "reset" the machine. That did work off and on for a while but, we're talking about a problem out of the box brand new.


    Anyway, about nine months later my laptop stopped recognizing any wifi. I took it in. Now this machine is less than one year and nine months old and needs a new logic board. Further, the tech told me the headphone power handling issue was also related to the logic board which was indeed faulty out of the box brand new on a three thousand five hundred dollar machine. I had added on upgrades of course when I bought it to future proof myself. My last laptop was a crappy little Vaio that oddly enough ran for six and a half years with zero problems. Oh, and it was not expensive.


    Right now my iphone 5 is in for replacement. I went with Macbook Pro and with iphone because I take care of my electronics and I like to keep them for a long time. I wanted something that would "just work" and not need replacing for a long while. At least 5 years. Add to this that the 17inch Macbook Pro was discontinued so what happens if I need a replacement??? Will I be offered a NEW 15 inch or a refurbished 17inch. I do not want a refurbished machine. That is IF I am offered a replacement at all given the problems this machine has had.


    All the techs I've dealt with have been really helpful but, that doesn't mean I don't feel taken. Between what I spent on my iphone and on my Macbook Pro, I'm in for quite a lot of money. Nearly Five thousand when you add taxes on. 


    I am really not sure I think this was worth it at all now. I do like the OS and I do like how sturdy these machines "seem" However, something is really wrong when BOTH my Apple devices that are both new have both had problems from day one.


    Now I'm stuck with a 17inch Macbook Pro that even though it has a "new" logic board has started having problems AGAIN when looking for wifi after waking up. The wheel spins and spins before it will finally recognize the wifi and work properly. None of this should be happening at all on a machine that cost what this one did and is supposed to "just work" Never mind the time I have had to put into phone calls, going to tech repair sites etc....pretty sad. I think I may just get the cheapest machine I can next time, then if it fails I won't feel so taken. I think when a Mac Book Pro comes out of the box with an issue a new one should be given no questions asked! Apple seems to have had a few years of quality control issues and they are perhaps trying to address that but, that does not help those of us stuck with machines that are constantly in for repair out of the box! Share holders..is this the strategy?? Not very smart.

  • 941. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    macssam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    the industry likes sheeple like you

  • 942. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (35,455 points)

    Keep your tinfoil hat on.

  • 943. Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure
    Anic264b Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Csound1 sometimes thinks he's better than others, you'll learn to ignore him.

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    Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (35,455 points)

    That must come from your extensive experience with solving problems? Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.40.13 AM.png

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