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when i try and email a contact from mac mail i see the attached image:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/lzg10x2gp4oig09/Screen%20Shot%202013-04-15%20at%2010.4 5.57%20PM.png


i want to email using Mac mail (or perhaps Sparrow) but the mail link pulls up Thunderbird (which i do have installed). i looked in Contacts Preferences and i didn't see anything in there. anyone know how i can send an email from Contacts using Mac Mail/


also, does anyone know what "message card" or "airdrop card" is??



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    I think your default email application is set wrong. Try this:


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    hi. thank you.


    i forgot to mention that i did check the default email reader for Mail Preferences and it is in fact set to Mail. this is really weird since my system on my mac pro that is running Lion is also set to Mail in Preferences and i just click on the "Share" button and it pulls up an outgoing email in Mac Mail.


    on my laptop in Mountain Lion it pulls up these three options all of which say "...Card":


    "Email Card"

    "Message Card" and

    "AirDrop Card"


    with "Email Card" pulling up Thunderbird.


    anyone have any ideas before i go through the trouble of uninstalling Thunderbird? seems like this should not be necessary and the "Airdrop" and "Message" pulldowns seem to indicate something has changed here in Mountain Lion...