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Does Pages 09 version 4.3 (1048) support email sending? Whenever I try to send a document by email via Share\Send via Email the command is always greyed out! I don't save my documents with spaces in or other symbols (see previous posts), so I'm not sure what is going on?





iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Ignore the gray style of the command group heading and pick one of the options under it.



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    Just Apple's bad design. The grey text is supposed to be the head of the following list.


    Was done by the work experience kid from the local Palo Alto school for the UI Challenged.



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    I'm have just solved a similar problem. Whenever I chose anyrhing under the "Share:Send via Mail" menu all I got is a beep. Finally I just that I switched from Mail to Thunderbird as default. I switched it back and Send via Mail now works perfectly.  I hope this will be of aid to someone some day. best wishes joe holly