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Early 2008 Mac Pro Tower. On start up, displays 7 vertical lines through the apple screen, like a bar code. I have a couple internal start-up drives, holding option key and choosing a different drive still gets me the lines, wont proceed to the desktop. Starting on a windows drive (bootcamp) kinda freezes, doesnt get to an apple screen. I'm gonna check the logic board battery now, assuming that's ok, I'm thinking it must be a failed Logic Board or Video Card. I have a Nvidia 285GTX if I remember right, the fastest card I could find. Any ideas, anyone seen this before?

Any hints would be appreciated

ps, it has the latest OS on the main drive, and older OS's on the other drives

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    Warwick Teale Level 3 Level 3 (575 points)

    HI Jim, maybe dont give up on it yet. Try the following procedure before you pack it up in the box and take it to an apple tech. My Apple macpro tech told me the following... this may shake it up and it may kick over ok. Its worth a look


    1. power down and remove the power cable from the back of the mac
    2. remove all the cards in the PCIE slots .. including the Graphics card in slot 1
    3. remove all the disk drives in BAY1-BAY4
    4. remove the memory riser cards (yep simple to do)
    5. optionally but worth it (pull out the memory DIMMS and reseat them again . you never know)
    6. try and remove the CR3032 battery that on the main board. IF its old, go buy a new one and replace it. else leave it out for a 30secs and replace the CR3032 battery (this saves do a +P+R at startup)
    7. now with the POWER CABLE STILL NOT connected to the MAC PRO, PRESS and HOLD in the POWER BUTTON for 5-10 seconds and release it.This will help discharge the P/S caps apparently
    8. NOW... put the power cable back in and POWER ON without any cards or memory or disks in. It wont go anywhere..
    9. Power it off again
    10. NOw insert all the GRPAHICs PCIE card in SLOT 1 only (leave the others for now), and a insert a SINGLE DISK that has the production OSX on it (leave the other disks out unless you have a RAID CARD for the internal disks)... DONT attach any other IO devices other than the screen and keyboard etc to teh MAC PRO just yet
    11. Ready?... now HOLD THE POWER BUTTON IN FOR 20 SECONDS until you seethe LED bower flash AND it makes a SQUEALING sound. This will reset the system management controller.
    12. See if the MAC PRO will power up for you.
    13. IF it works, shut it down and put in the remainder of the DISK bays and PCIE cards and the other external I/O devices. YOu may want to do this serially and power up and down to make sure its not one of these components that is contributing to the error.


    This procedure has worked a few time for my colleague and I ove rthe years, especially of the machine has been left unused for a while and or it has been moved and bumped.


    I hope this helps. If that fails, you best bet it to get it looked at by a TECH. Could be the P/S, the roser boards or the main board..... I just went through this myself in Februrary with a dodgey colling tower sensor on CPU-B on my 2009 MAC PRO. It was easy for Apple to find. Didnt cost too much to fix and they did it in a day here in Hong Kong Apple Store... great service I must say


    BEst of luck mate.


    Post your results for others to see.



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    Grant Bennet-Alder Level 8 Level 8 (49,250 points)

    On the 65lb tower Mac Pro, consistent screen artifacts tend to indicate a problem on the grpahics card. The graphics card CAN preclude proper boot-up.

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    Jim King Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)

    Wow..just, wow. I did not expect this to work, Warwick....I can truthfully say that I had done nearly all of that,  taking out all the cards, and vacuming them, new battery, etc...but I didnt do them in THAT order, and I didnt do the 20 second thing (I didnt get any squeal you mention, but who knows, maybe because I have my sound output set for optical...anyways....)

    But I reconnect the monitor and Keybaord, power -up, and...it WORKS!

    I'm sure you know the feeling this brings on. Glad I didnt order a videocard. Currently having a drink in your Honor, Thanks! Your detail was impressive


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    Warwick Teale Level 3 Level 3 (575 points)

    HI Jim, I'm glad it helped. Yes this procedure seems to solve a few things that Ive noticed with aging MAC PROs. Beats me why however I will bow to the knowledge of my Apple tech here in Hong Kong.


    NOw pressing the power button for after 5 seconds for some discharge the 20sec thing with POWER BUTTON is somewhat crucial and is uncoupling the POWER CABLEand . Yes the order is important. THis actual resetts somepart of the SMC and performs someother electronic voodoo.


    Additionally removing all the insternal cards and pulling the DDMs out of the BAYS and well as the RISERS and CPU initially sees to do something. My mate knows what to look for in this as there are several key indicators on teh MAIN board that can tel you of it is buggered. This test makes it easier for him.


    It woud be worth having the MAC PRO checked out thought if you are using it for production work.

    As many experienced people in this forum will atest that the symtoms such that your mac pro isexperiencing is  due getting old and being heavily used ... and things seem to start to fail after 3-4 years. My 2009 mac pro is oldest MAC i've ever had. I usually trun them over after2 years as I use them for work. Like many I'd like to upgrade ASAP but we just have to wait.


    Now back to work!


    Anyway thanks for posting your result for others.