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Hello All-


I recently purchased the 13" retina MacBook Pro with 3Ghz intel Core i7 Dual processor with 8 GB of Ram and am on the verge of returning it for the 15 inch 2.7  Ghz Quad core i7 retina.


I am a professional composer and also use my computer for audio recording (nothing TOO intense) and am beginning to get into scoring for animated shorts and even a little bit of film work myself.


I love the size of the 13 inch and it's pretty fast, but I am on the fence because I would have loved to have my 13 inch equipped with a quad processor and 16 GB of ram.


Am I being ridiculous, or is the 15 inch really not only the best bang for my buck, but also the most appropriate power for a growing artist.


(I have a beautiful 27inch iMac with quad processor i5 and 8 GB of Ram)


I have maybe 12 days to make the decision before I can't return it.


Please Help!!



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), To super upgrade or just to upgrade