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  • siops Level 1 (0 points)

    1% per 3 hours is soooo way better than 1% per 3 mins.!, Anyway, here, I dont have a carrier data plan so all cellular data/enable 3G is always off for me. Will your observation still be applicable to me? I use wifi though @ work I'm connecting to an officemate's pocket wifi, and @ home I'm connected to our dsl modem router, not so familiar about firmware downgrading and about 3G icon since I never have used it. Can you provide details how and if this is still relevant in my case?  Thanks a lot!

  • raym64 Level 1 (0 points)

    I doubt the issue is the same then. I would still check the wifi icon while at work to see if it's constanly dropping and reconnecting.


    Also when mine was dropping and reconnecting like that, i saw that the usage was way more than I was actually using it. it was under Settings/General/Usage then scroll down to the bottom and you see usage and standby. My usage was way more than I was actually doing something with the phone. It should be Zero and Zero when you first take it off the charger.


    Mine would read something like 20 minutes usage and 2 hours standby when I hadn't even touched it. In my case the usage was all the dropping wifi and reconnecting.

  • siops Level 1 (0 points)

    Update I tried restoring the phone as new did not restore any backup still the same, I'm just a month old user so there's not much of data lost, so I really believe its an ios glitch rather than an app, just waiting for 614

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    If you want to know if it's data related, or the attempt to grab data, what helped me start diagnosing was to turn on airplane mode.  This cut off the data and the app that was causing the huge attempts to run cell data.  Most times I ran into this it was itunesU or another stuck attempted download. I think it helped to consider email, safari, itunesU, and any stock apps running in the background if they showed up in the task tray, and closed them all to test things.  Turning on airplane mode, setting itunes to not use cell data, and turning location and ad tracking off fixed it immediately when I had the warm battery issue.  I also had a problem where it seemed having websites open that had a lot of rich text inputs or javascript drained battery quick.

    In one case I could not track down to a specific app, updating all apps, closing them all from the task bar, and hard resetting the phone (holding down home and power buttons until it rebooted itself) fixed it immediately.

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    My iphone 4s was bad with ios 5.1.1, but at least it can survive about 2days.

    But now with ios6, using whatsapp for half hour spend 20%, play hardest2 for 20m spend 25%.. Twice charge a day!!

    Even my bl*ckb*rry sh*t has a better lifespan per charge..

    How long till this problem gonna be solved?

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    I have reset, reset as new, turned everything off, etc. my battery has dropped 4% in 5 minutes reading this thread. My husband just traded his iPhone for an android. I am sorely tempted.

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    slept @ 100% turned on airplane mode after 8 hours im awake with 100% battery. Airplane mode upon research disables the ff.

    • Cellular (voice and data)
    • Wi-Fi (can be enabled)
    • Bluetooth (can be enabled)
    • GPS
    • Location services

    so it must be one of these that drains the battery so hard, it also disables carrier/callstext iirc


    after disabling airplane mode my battery went 99 98 97 95 90 in less than 30 mins.

  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    If you enable bluetooth and wifi in airplane mode, and it still stands by with no noticable drain, it might rule BT and wifi out, or identify they're causing problem.

    Finding out it was a data related drain for me helped track one instance to itunes u downloads that did not show up well under the itunes U app after i had clicked.  i found out those downloads were listed in another app, itunes (not itunes U), frozen while i was at home on wifi and were aparantly hitting my cell data and making phone warm like crazy as soon as I left home.  Another i think it was itunes match, seemed to still be using data even though I had downloaded those playlists.

    In the main settings for "Itunes & App Stores" and "Podcasts" it might help to make sure cell data use is turned off.  I could have swore i had every cell data option turned off when I first had the problem, but now it helps.  Also, under "General->Cellular", making sure cell data is turned off for itunes there as well (or turning cell data off for everything you don't want to use cell data for) could help.  I will help tell you if it is itunes download or synch related, or passbook, reading list, etc.  It is almost always a certain feature or app going haywire I found and not just "the os" in general, but an app or feature.  standby with nothing going on is amazing now, so i'm very cautious leaving cell data open for these options now.  If you leave cell data on but turn it off specifically for itunes & app stores, podcasts, icloud docs, itunes (the other section under general->cellular), facetime, passbook updates & reading list, it might help without interfering with carriers call & text.  I just use airplane mode to see if it seems related to a data leak issue.  If everything else seems fine, no accidental data leaks, I do a hard reset and it seems fine again.

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    Ok guys, now I understand this won't work for everyone, but this is the best battery life I've had in weeks after trying basically everything except restoring.  (Which apparently didn't work for mots people anyway).  I had the 1:1 usage standby ratio as well.  Now I'm at:


    18h12m standby

    5h27 m usage


    48% left.


    Ready for what I did? 


    ...I turned off auto-correct.  Real talk.  Give it a whirl if you're at your wit's end. 


    edit: hopefully i don't jinx myself by sharing :O

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    slept @ 10:30pm @ 100% did airplane mode wake up 8 hours later @ 6:30 @ 99%. I disabled airplane mode(normal mode on) and turnedon everything wifi blue tooth location now @ 2:12 pm @ 57%. I dont know if this is close to normal. but is better unlike before that a fullbat would not reach 4 hours standby and my phone gets randomly hot. Didnt do anything special except did a reverse method, instead of deleting apps, disabling that and that, i tried the opposite .. to open all features and install as many apps as I can, i have 7 pages of apps, didnt close whats opened in the multitask ribbon as well. I think at this rate i would last the whole day at least... p.s. my autocorrect is always off since I mostly use tagalog in texting &my cellular data/3g is always off also since i dont have a data plan)

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    I had a severe battery drain issue before.  immediately after installing IOS4.  So a while ago I know, but the FIX may still be relevant.  My phone ran hot and lost power fast.  Turning on airoplane mode gave temporary releief only but it did not fix the root cause.

    For me I deleted my mail account and re-installed.  Problem completely fixed. 


    I scoured 100's of forum messages before I found this fix and had previously done all but change the phone (it was out of warrenty anyway).  This fix only takes minutes so try it.

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    Thins is insane my fone lost 4% over night and it was switched off all night fk this om selling this pice trash and getting sgs4 apple *****

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    As I can see some of our grievances are worse off than others, but battery drain is a major issue among many of us. My iPhone 4S now turns off anytime between 20% and 6% battery levels, I wait 10 min or so and it switches back on on a HIGHER percentage than what it was initially on??? Apple spend some of that $100BIL on battery research, also what are you doing with the information that I allowed you to take from my iPhone? It doesn’t seem to be helping you that much…   

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    The "fix" I found is to disable iCloud Documents & Data. There definitely seems to be a bug / glitch with this feature. BUT it has to be disabled a certain way, otherwise the ubd process associated with it goes into loop where it tries to start every 10 seconds. When left on it runs CONSTANTLY and never goes idle. This was the main culprit for my battery issue.



    -Restart your iPhone

    -Go to Settings >> iCloud. Turn ON Documents & Data. If already on, fine leave it on.

    -Wait 2 - 3 minutes

    -Go to Settings >> iCloud. Turn OFF Documents & Data.



    Above steps must be done every time iPhone is restarted. The only other iCloud option I have turned on is Contacts. I also have Push email turned off; set to Manual. Doing the above w/ this setup gives me on average a 10% battery drop for every hour of Usage. Virtually no drop while in Standby. Again, this is assuming decent cell or WiFi reception. Poor signal & all bets are off. Hope this helps.

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    ok replying now to myself.


    disabling things as a fix is temporary, (debate about whether app, ios, update process, on/off settings, firm/hardware not sure what to say here) it can be a mixture of one or two factors that maybe not same for all just sayin


    shocked at iphone would drained out when on standby sleeping overnight (even experienced 99% to 77% when phone is turned off! power buttone then slide red bar)


    proved that airplane mode will help you save the battery drain overnight but for the sense of what? phone being saved from drain (no calls/texts) just to help it perform as an alarm clock 8 hrs after in the morning?


    tried opening wifi, bluetooth, loc serv on airplane mode before sleeping, in the morning it is still at 93% (so wifi/bt/loc serv can be ruled out as drainer) so that leaves cellular (voice and data) and gps as culprit.


    Im having thoughts that maybe its the carrier signal or the phone draining on trying to get a signal??? How do you disable gps? is it not the same as loc serv? I dont use cell data for inet connection. Does cell data on context of airplane mode means texts/sms? well i think im just as confused as everyone, but if anyone can shed light on why on airplane mode im not draining..i love to experience this no drain or little drain when on standby mode but currently is not like that...