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Yes, this is a bit of a rant, bear with me...


Because I don´t like the ML startup sound and don´t like to wake the neighbours whenever I boot my machine in the middle of the night, I wanted to turn that startup sound off. Apparently Apple thinks we should not be able to boot our machines in silence, so I installed StartNinja and was a happy camper.


Then, I started using a headphone every once in a while... Of course, since the headphone is plugged in the sound always goes to that device and there is no way of telling ML to use the built-in speakers other than unplugging the headphone. Really bad design, if you ask me.


But then it gets really weird:


Having the headphone plugged in, always results in audio going through that device, right?

But not when booting; then the sound comes from the built-in speakers.


What is the logic behind this?

Why doesn´t OS X provide a way to control audio in a way that makes sense?


Are there any third party tools that give more control over the audio output?


Thanks for your time.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    The headphone/line out operation has always been this way

    from day one on Macs when they first started to be equipped

    with an audio out when it was actually meant as a headphone



    This function is more than likely a carryover from when using

    headphones were meant to be a private function.  Why it is

    still this way is beyond me.


    It is really annoying because I need to plug and unplug my powered

    Bose speakers when I want to use them instead of internal audio.

    I have never found a solution other than getting some USB adapter

    as a workaround.

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    Indeed, very annoying and potentially harmful for the output connector. Wait! That might be the reason Apple keeps doing it like this; when we break something it needs repair or replacement. Meaning the money flows again... Or am I just being paranoid here and is it just a simple case of neglect... :-P

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    The startup sound is actually an important part of the boot sequence.  Without hearing it you wouldn't know when to hold option to enable the startup manager, for example.

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    IMO the best thing to do would to not shut your Mac off in the first place. Just put it to sleep. When waking it up it will be just how you left it, no waiting for it to boot up, and no startup chime.


    Shutting down is only necessary if you need to unplug your Mac (desktop) or change its battery (laptop). Otherwise use sleep.