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My husband and I finally got iPhones (now that T-Mobile began offering them – we were able to hold out that long, unbelievable). Needless to say, this is a life changing acquisition.


The problem we just discovered with our days-old phones is that while I am able to text and receive messages from other people, and able to text my husband, he cannot text me – whether as a response to my text, or by starting a new conversation on his end. Sending a text to my phone (and yes, the number is correct) generates a "Delivery failed" alert. Even Siri coudn't pull it off.


Neither of us can Face Time the other, though we can make voice calls to one another. Selecting "Face Time" from my husband's contact page will generate a "Victoria is not available for Face Time," and vice versa.


Face Time, not a huge deal, though it ought to be available. Texting? That is important. And heck, these are brand new and everything should work!


I see from poking into various forums elsewhere that this is not totally uncommon. Does anyone in our community have an idea (other than marriage counseling)?


Thank you!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3