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hi everybody,

I think i have big problem ,i have macbookpro I5 13" early 2011  , i just changed the board to I7 ( used  board got it from net ) after USB ports in my original logicboard are damaged due to drop  , after changing the board the mac is unstable, it take long time(half hour!) to show up anything after press power,  yes I press power and there are no response  from the mac (black monitor as its ) , just   i hear  a noise from the empty CD drive . once it open it work fine for a while (may 2 hours or more ) and then shutdown suddenly! and you have wait more than half hour to open it again if im lucky.


Itried to rest the mac many times, replace the RAM places , i thought may the problem come from overheating the CPU, i monitored the CPU tempreture just before the suddenly shutdown was 57C

please help ,any suggetions ?

MacBook Pro