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I used to be able to remove my browsing history after I'm done with it, but now I can't. I've tried everyone's suggestions as well. And that includes going to Safari at the top left of the screen, clicking "Reset Safari" and all of that nonsense. I've also tried going to "Safari" on the Top Left of the screen, clicking "Preferences", clicking "Autofill", clicking "Edit" on Other Forms, and remove all of the Websites. Still, this does not work. I'm the only one in my family that has a Mac so I can't ask anyone. And because I'm only twelve, it's a bit harder to figure out problems like these. Something similar happened on my iPod Touch and iPhone as well. I removed the History, Cache, Cookies, Data and it still doesn't go away... I've done so much research and still, no one has had that problem. I was hoping someone here had that problem or they knew the answer to it. HELP ME!!!