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I'm trying to learn to play guitar, and use Garageband on my iPad (connecting via a Griffin adapter cable that uses the combined headphone/mic port on the iPad and splits it for guitar and headphones).  Works great on the iPad but the MacBook Air does not recognise the same setup.  It will only accept audio input into GarageBand through the built-in mic.  Other forums suggest this is part of the Mountain Lion upgrade, that it now automatically senses a genuine apple head-set and works for input from that but not otherwise.  Seems far fetched?  I thought so too, and it seems the software doesn't discriminate between apple and blackberry headsets (both with the four-part jack). 


BUT, the Griffin cable with the same four-part jack doesn't register.  Which means no way to take advantage of the auto-tuner and lessons etc on the laptop (and the lessons aren't built in to the iPad version).


Is there a work-around to manually switch/override the automatic switching for audio input? 




PS, In case Apple ever reads these things, it also makes me afraid to upgrade iOS in case I accidentally disable that feature in my iPad too...

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Guitar, Griffin Cable