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I've had my first Mac for a couple of years and not had any problems. But the last two days, I've had issues with desktop refreshing.


The symptoms: The wallpaper fades slightly or occasionally it becomes a gray screen. The menu bar at the top and the desktopicons disappear. Then they gradually all appear again, as if the Mac were starting up. Safari browser tabs are refreshed, sometimes opening tabs just closed. Other programs act as if they were "just opened" -- opening a new blank document as if the program was just opened. Any opened documents are closed.


This occurs periodically and doesn't appear to occur according to any set time. Sometimes it occurs frequently back to back and sometimes it will go a quarter of an hour. It often appears triggered by a change -- opening or closing a safari tab or switching between two programs. Click on a link in Safari can also trigger it.


I've done a search for potential fixes and found an older error related to the StuffitAVR in Quicktime, but I don't have StuffitAVR. I don't see any other quick fixes for the problem.


I have checked for updates and updated Safari. I've run the disk utility to verify the disk and the permissions. I've reset Safari. I thought it might be a problem with dropbox or the icloud menu app, so I turned those off. The problem still persist. I'm at a loss, and not terribly proficient with Mac trouble shooting. So any help is appreciated.