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I am having trouble adding my Gmail account onto my iPhone5's native Mail app.  I am currently using the Gmail app instead, but there are instances where you cannot email a link to someone (like within Safari) because your only choice is the native Mail app.


I have verified the username and password I am entering are correct (by logging into my gmail account manually on my computer).  When I create a new gmail account on the Mail app, I enter my Name (as it appears in Gmail), my Email and Password in the proper fields. I hit the Next button.  I am then met with:


Cannot Get Mail

The user name or password for

"imap.gmail.com" is incorrect.



I have tried adding this repeatedly, making very sure I am typing all the data in correctly.  I had no problem adding my Gmail account on my old 3GS, and my iPad 2.


Any ideas?

iPhone 5, Windows 7