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Hello, just joined community, my name is Dominick, glad to be here.


So all of the sudden my iPod is NOT being recognized by iTunes.  I have the most recent version of iTunes.  I am running Windows 7 64-bit on my Lenovo Laptop.  Long story/synopsis below...


It is being recognized in 'My Computer.'  It is recognized as "Removable Disk."  If I click on it, it then says "You need to format the disk in drive G [USB port its in] before you can use it".  Then asks me if I want to Format Disk or Cancel.  However, if I ask it to Format disk, it fails to do so every time.  After failing, it then says...


"Windows can't Format G...Check to see that disk and drive are connected properly, make sure that the disk is not read-only, and then try again.  For more information, search Help for read-only files and how to change them."


Can anyone provide some clarity on this statement?  Can I change its properties to read-only and will that work?


Again, my iPod is NOT being recognized in iTunes, so I cannot restore it.  I figured that would be my best solution at this point.  When I run Diagnostics in iTunes and run the "Device Connectivity Tests", it tells me all 3 Support Services are working/green amd 2 of the 3 Ports are working/green...the only not working/red item is "No iPod...found", which of course just means itunes cant recognize my iPod when plugged in...back to square 1.


Also, I came across the Apple page dedicated to troubleshooting an iPod that is NOT recognized in iTunes, but is recognized in My Computer. 




However, after exhausting all options listed here, my iTunes is still not recognizing my iPod.  I then tried uninstalling iTunes and all its component programs, e.g. Quicktime, Bonjour, Apple Device Services, etc. and reinstalling and this did not work.  I then tried plugging in my iPod into a friend's computer with latest version of iTunes and that didn't work either.


To provide a little more background on how I got here, my iPod was acting funky over the past 2 weeks...meaning it would be slow to response, random songs would freeze/not play, and then start playing again, or freeze altogether, then I'de have to reset my iPod by pressing Menu and middle-button...I was planning on restoring it yesterday just to fix its minor issues that at the time were just annoying...but as fate would have it, here I am now...


When I plugged it into my laptop to Restore it yesterday morning, it took a LOOONG time for iTunes to recognize it, then iTunes told me the iPod was corrupt and I should Restore it...well, being an ignorant peion that I am, I instead disconnected it and tried Resetting it again to see what that would do...it then was totally frozen, wouldnt respond to pressing Menu and middle button to Reset iPod, and wouldnt get recognized by iTunes or My Computer when I plugged it in...once the battery died, I was able to charge it up, all the music and files were gone, and I had to select a language...I then plugged it into my Laptop to see what would happen, and per above, here I am now with iTunes no longer able to recognize iPod, but My Computer can, and everything else per above.


I've tried EVERYTHING I can find under the sun to fix / Restore my iPod / get iTunes to recognize it.  Any last-ditch efforts from the Apple Community?  Again, I already exhausted all options I can think of / find, including per link above...http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1363?viewlocale=en_US....my hope is mebbe someone else here can provide another option that will magically work or can decipher what my Computer is telling me per above when it fails to Format my iPod.  Otherwise, this iPod is probably now FUBAR...


Hope that makes sense.  Please lemme know any thougts or questions.  you may have.  Thank you for your time.



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