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After importing about 500 images in 5 events, iPhoto only shows titles for about the first 100 images then stops.  The other 400 don't show any title.  When I scroll over where the title should be, the field comes up but with nothing in it.  In the last event imported, the images aren' t sorted properly by title in ascending order even though I can't view the titles.  I went back to the original folder containing the images that were imported.  Very disconcerting.

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    By Titles do you mean file names?  Select those with the missing titles and use the Photos ➙ Batch Change ➙ Title to File Name menu option. 



    See if that will put the file names below the thumbnails.



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    Outside of iPhoto, I use folders to delineate an occassion.  Within the folders, the images have file names.  Over a number of years, I have fine tuned a naming convention for both folders and file names.  I use Bridge to batch change the Nikon camera numbers into file names that include the folder name plus a sequence.  So when a folder goes into iPhoto, the folder becomes and event and the file names become titles.  For whatever reason, the first 100 or so files names becamce titles OK but after that the title field was blank.  Feels like a database problem.  When I can't see titles then I can't confirm that the images are in the correct sequence.  I don't want to change event (folder) and title (file) names in iPhoto.

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    iPhoto uses the Filename when there is nothing in the Title field of the Exif data. Is there any chance that Bridge has written something like a space to that field?


    There is no way to change filenames in iPhoto, only titles. To change a filename you need to export.

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    To give you an example, I use the following convention for a trip to say Mexico last year in February;


         1. The folder with all the images is renamed "201202 Mexico" by Bridge.

         2. The images are renamed and sequenced by Bridge as "201202 Mexico 001.jpg" through "201202 Mexico                  150.jpg".


    With this convention, all folders and files sort properly when I take 2000 photos a year.


    So when I load these folders and files into iPhoto, there is no need to rename further within iPhoto.


    When I loaded 5 folders with about 500 files into iPhoto, iPhoto created 5 events as expected.  However, titles only appear under some of the photos in the first folder imported.  Thereafter, no titles showed in the rest of that event or subsequent events.  I know for a fact that all 500 image files had names as described above.


    So I get back to a feeling that there is a database or indexing problem.

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    When you use Bridge as you describe you're renaming files.


    iPhoto is about Photos not files. It will use the filename as title, if there is nothing in the Exif Title field.


    What happens if you use the Photos -> Batch Change command. Note the option to set the Title the same as Filename?