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i am trying to print to a Epson Printer (in this case from Safari) onto 12 x 18 inch paper. no matter what i do i cannot seem to get this to happen.


last time i tried this i was able to select the TRAY 2 and do this without actually selecting a 12 x 18 inch paper but i cannot remember how to get there again since it was such a wormhole to find the first time.


one problem is that i cannot seem to select CUSTOM SIZES as can be seen in the attached image:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/dta39mzf3fxwrhu/epson%2012%20by%2018%20paper%20PROBLEM .png


so today i tried to PRINT TO PDF - thinking i had a workaround - but since i have to select the page size for PDF BEFOREHAND i am finding that i cannot select 12 x 18 inch paper so this won't work.


i have contacted Espon and am waiting for a response.


does anyone know how to do this in mac?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Boot Camp | iCloud
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    I tried to do the same, and I can set it for some printers (one epson), but I can't set a custom size for another Epson (NX530). I have no idea why. I would imagine Epson would have to answer that question. On the NX530, I don't think I have a manual paper feed, so that may be the issue with it not allowing custom sizes.

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    thank you so much barney. i hope someone has a solution to this problem.


    i specifically bought this printer WF 7520 to print to 12 x 18 paper (which fits into each of its trays...). at the same time the mac printer dialogs make me absolutely crazy. i understand that i might get a custom dialog from something like Acrobat (although i hate having a totally different print UI for this software and i'd love to be able to have a mac UI for this software to print from in some cases. i mean, i actually close pdf's and then open them in Preview just to get a mac UI that i understand after i edit a pdf which is totally ridiculous.


    anyway, i wish they would pay me a couple of bucks to straighten out the mac printer UI because it is such a pain to always search around for something like print to size, print doublesided, print in black and white, please (please, please, please) don't rotate by pulling down to various pulldown menu items. i mean, they should just throw this all onto one single page and let me access it all immediately ACROSS the OS.


    anyway, that is a productive sort of rant because i have two printers (Epson and HP) and been trying to figure out how to print in various ways for 3 years now....


    regards and thanks.

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    I understand your frustration as I have the same problems on windows print dialogs at work. But, I don't have any problem finding options on the Mac.

    The Paper size should be available in the popup menu if it is a default size for the printer. That would be up to Epson to populate.

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    thanks as always barney.


    just as an example (i mean i could document all of these wormholes) but having "Scale to Fit Paper Size" buried under the third pulldown item for "Paper Handling" is just stupid. why they would have a percent reduction available right away under the Safari item and then bury this necessary item under such an obscure pulldown item is dumb. plus i am also pretty sure that this item is buried under a /different/ pulldown item for different software...


    also, having a default to scale my images to fit to paper size and to have to change this in a Terminal Setting (or whatever) is similarly stupid (and really aggravating). i mean, i fixed this but i have to like document this stuff so that if i have to do a fresh install i can figure out how to do this again so i don't have to find some extremely kind and extremely knowledgeable person on the forums to fix this. this is not to mention the hundred or thousand times i fix this manually before i finally get the head to fix it in terminal.


    also, presumably the default setting to automatically ROTATE my images is a terminal setting as well?


    anyway, i really hope mac cleans this up. if you multiplied the amount of time i alone spend in these print dialogs - and multiply it by the nuber of mac users like myself - would fund like the state budget of California (or get it to a point where it was functioning)...

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    also, why when i ACTIVELY SELECT a single png (or two or more) in Preview does it default to printing all 28 png's that are open in Preview? this kind of stuff is so dumb and so time-consuming.


    click-click-click-click--click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-p ulldown-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click- pulldown-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click -click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-pulldow n-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click- click-click-click-click-click


    i mean, that is for a bit of an effect obviously but my life would be so much simpler if i could fix this myself and if can't fix this myself it would be really nice if mac would fix it.

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    Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8 (35,275 points)

    You can make the current settings a preset, which you can easily select.


    For Preview, There is a radio button on the print dialog to only print the selected images. Maybe that has a hidden setting.

    Having it not automatically select that option seems normal across the board. If you select some section of a document, it doesn't default to just printing the selection. You can certainly make the argument that a selection of images is different than a selection of text or part of a table in a spreadsheet, but it wouldn't be consistent.

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    hi barney. thanks.


    i finally sat down and did my presets.


    i have 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 documents to a page with a Color and a Black and White version for each. this is 14 presets for a laptop and 14 for a desktop computer (i was never able to get any apply to both computer functionality to work).


    so now if i want to do a set of settings for the other items i mentioned i have at a /minimum/ 1. don't rotate and do rotate 2. scale to fit and don't scale to fit 3. best print quality and draft quality 4. 8 x 11 inch 5. 8 x 14 inch etcetera etcetera i will have to do like 50 different presets. plus i also have a second printer with two OTHER paper sizes and this is a different brand of printer so i will have to set up another 14 presets EACH for a desktop and a laptop computer - just to get the second computer to have the same presets i slaved over for the first printer. i mean, it is great to say well i don't need so many presets but they i am going to be spending crazy amounts of time trying to dig through wicked dumb pulldown menus like "Paper Handling" to find something like "Scale to Fit Paper Size" which only an idiot would put in there in the first place (particularly when i already have a percentage scale functionality on the software pulldown that is the default UI tab anyways).


    they should just make all these buttons and checkboxes available without pulldowns. it is crazy how they are all strewn about.




    on the Preview setting i can see why the default is sometimes to print all the documents. BUT i should have an option here and not have to constantly select a radio button to get this functionality. if i open fifty documents to see them in Preview - AND i /actively/ select one of them or five of them or fifteen of them, and then i go to Print - the software should be smart enough to know that this is an active selection that i am printing and it should print what i selected.


    this is so sloppy that it compounds every other print job by an additonal radio button each and EVERY time. if i want to print a single image from an open selection of two images i and i want it not to scale to fit and i want it in two to a page, in black and white (to not waste color) and i want a draft (to not waste ink) in horizontal mode (because this image fits best this way) i am going to have to check through like five or six radio buttons and that are strewn across three pulldowns - and i know for a fact that i will be pulling some of them down twice because i couldn't figure out where some of them were. this is totally unnecessary for a one time job.


    even worse - if i have fifty pages open instead of two and i get through the print selection options and find all of them correctly and i /forget/ to check the radio button - well then i have just wasted ink on fifty images printed two times each on fifty pages.


    seems like the default should be the other way around if you wanted it to be and this would at the very least be the more ecological option...


    anyway, seems like i have to drop 2 cents on this print dialog business when i get aggravated enough with it.


    i guess instead of complaining it would be good to know if someone has a tutorial out there on customizing these settings in terminal to suit individual users...that way i can put my energy into some "Advanced User Interface Print Settings Customizations"...


    : ) thanks as always...

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    I was trying to form a short statement on the limitations, but couldn't. You've pretty much covered it.

    I don't know of a way to automate it with a script or the like.

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    aok. thank you.


    i am posting elsewhere on this trying to get it to work. seems like printing in different software means there is different user interfaces for getting to print on 12 x 18 which means i am just going to have to figure out how to do this each time i try and print for the first time from various applications which is a bit of a pain.


    anwyay, thanks for the always great help and thanks for helping me get oriented and also for letting me vent on this one a bit.


    i wish they would spend a little time tidying up with the print dialogs. i'm 3 1/2 years into moving back to mac and still struggling with these printer interfaces.

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    I spent all day trying to 12x18 PDF on 12x18 paper.  Why does Mac have 11x17 and 13x19 presets and not 12x18 ?? When I tried to custom set 12x18, the selection "grays out" and does not print correctly at all. I am wasting paper and ink.  This should not be an issue. Come On Apple this should be an app up-date.

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    By the way , I too have the Epson WF 7520 and its set up to air print with my other Epson WF 3540 this one does not have problems.  But it's regular size printing.  What can be done?

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    oooh. man. i have so much to get done when i run into this i try and solve it for 40 minutes and then try and move onto other things. then i run into it again and i can't remember if i solved it or not.


    can you tell me if you can PRINT on 12 x 18 paper with the 7520? i mean, are you only having the problem of getting to pdf at 12 x 18 or also to PRINT to the actual printer?


    i need BOTH but i am realizing that i have been trying to figure out how to specify TRAY 2 (my 11 x 17 is in tray 1 and i have no problem printing to it) but now i am wondering if this is actually an issue of not being able to SPECIFY the paper size or not being able to specify the TRAY or what is going on...


    also, are you saying you don't have this problem with another model also made by EPSON??


    this mac printer dialog is such a time suck and productivity twerk....

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    dude. try this: https://discussions.apple.com/message/23217426#23217426


    i just posted in this AM after fiddling around for another four hours on this issue.


    /please/ let me know if you figure out how to save presets with this machine on the mac OS...