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Is there a way to harvest text from a table?


There are many tables on the the internet and in other Pages documents.


Is there a way to copy all the text from a table, other than going cell-to-cell?


Thank you so much.

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    Depends on the structure of the table.


    Pages table:

    Select the cell in the top left corner.

    Shift-click on the cell in the bottom right corner to select all of the cells.



    Paste where you want it.


    Table in browser:

    Click before the first entry in the table, then drag to include the whole table in your selection.



    Paste into a Pages document.

    If you are lucky, the content will paste as a table, but that's unlikely.

    You will probably need to do some cleanup:


    Go View > Show Invisibles.


    You will see one or several blue characters between the contents of each cell.

    Use Find/Replace to replace these with a single tab character between each piect of data.




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    Just click on the table or on the Internet drag over it, copy and paste. Deoends sometimes on how they have been structured.


    In Pages if you want just text and not the table, Paste and match style.


    You can also select a table in Pages:


    Menu > Fomat > Table > Convert table to text (also works vice versa)