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My dropbox uses over 400mb on my device and I want to get rid of this data. How can I clear the cache or delete the data?

iPad, iOS 6.1.3
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    Stephen Spark Level 4 Level 4 (2,395 points)

    I not sure what data it may be caching i'm only seeing around 20MBs on both my iPad and iPhone. You'll have to delete the app from your device which will also delete any caches and database files associated with it. You can then install a clean version of the app which should not include the extra data.

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    This happened after I downloaded a couple of pdf files to my iPad. Dropbox loads them on the device and you can either read them there or open them in another app. So I opened them in iBooks. But the files remained cached in dropbox. I had no choice but to delete the app! But is this what I must do every time I want to transfer pdf files to my iPad? Delete and reinstall dropbox? :/ such a powerful device and yet I feel so powerless when it comes to using it. Nevertheless, thanks for the help

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    Thanks for asking this question. Like you, Dropbox was using over 400 MB, even though I had no favorites, thus nothing saved on the iPad. I deleted then reinstalled Dropbox, and now it is using 18.8 MB. Big difference! Seems like a problem.

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    At this point, for months I have been contacting app developers and Apple requesting the ability to clear an app's cache. I have only 1 app that I use that supports this feature - WallpapersHD.

    All apps should support cache clearing. Especially apps that bloat like: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, TUAW, iMore, Twitter, TWC Max, Weather [Yahoo], Trailers [Apple], Bible [YouVersion]...  Practically any and every app I have ever used that communicates with a remote server out there in the world somewhere.


    iOS needs a cache clearing option to assist in managing space because deleting and re-installing apps is a terrible way to get that space back.

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    There is an option in settings clear cache.

    Settings, iCloud, manage storage, show all Apps...

    turn the switch next to drop box 'off', it will warn you it will delete all app data.  

    Select delete...

    then turn the switch back on so it will cache new data.


    You can go into the account on your computer inso settings and unlink apps from dropbox if you want.


    You can always delete an individual item directly from dropbox.


    If you can't tell....I love dropbox and know how to use it.


    If you only use IOS devices, there is another App called Box.  It is a dropbox for IOS only.

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    Pages syncs between IOS devices without dropbox.  I have it on my Mac, iPad and iPod.  Everytime you open the App on a device it updates automatically.

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    Actually there is a software called iFunBox http://www.i-funbox.com that allows you to "Manage App Data".


    I just deleted 3,6 GB of "uploads" from DropBox, and now it works again - like a charm. And DropBox also correctly recovered - picked up to upload my camera folder at the correct place.

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    You should Zero Out your personal data with the programs/apps like Safe eraser which supports both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices OR ishredder If you want to erase data permanently from your iPhone/iPad , so that no one can recover your deleted data by using various iOS recovery programs available in the market. This is true for both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.


    P.S - I was also looking for something to erase my iPhone 4S (jailbroken) data permanently before selling it.