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Hello everyone,


I've got a mid 2011 i7 MacAir that has had intermittent crashing issues ever since I got the computer.  It's happened in both OSX and Windows 7.  I rarely use OSX anymore however, and any logs I might have of the issue are in Windows.  The computer crashes once every day or 2, and after a year and a half of this happening, I'm quite sure I can say that it appears to be quite random.  That said, I've only experienced crashes while actively using the computer; meaning, when I'm not using it, when it's playing movies or music, or doing something in the background like encoding video, nothing ever happens.


I just did a clean repartition/install of Windows 7, MS Security Essentials, Office 2010, and some Adobe CS6 programs a few days ago.  After it crashed again, I looked at the event logs, disabled Security Client OOBE, and after noticing the the WUDFRd driver failed to load, disabled the Light Sensor driver as well.  The problem still persists.


So I'm thinking of taking it back to the Apple Store and getting them to look at it (finally).  Questions:


1.  If I've been using Windows 7 exclusively, will they be able to acknowledge or validate my issues?  It will be difficult and highly unlikely that I'll be able to replicate the problem in front of them.


2.  Also, is there any legwork that I can do in advance to facilitate the process of getting support?  Providing certain logs, running tests, etc.


This laptop, in absolutely every other respect, has been the most awesome computer I've ever owned.  I'd be downright elated to have this one small but critical issue fixed.  These days I'm scared to do demos or presentations in front of clients on this computer.  I'd appreciate any help you all can provide!  Cheers.

MacBook Air, Windows 7, mid 2011 i7, 256GB SSD