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What is the "ScopedBookmarkAgent"? And how do I get my computer to stop asking my to type in my Login Keychain password to let it have access EVERY time I login?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 4G RAM, 500G HD, AEBS-N
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    Eric Root Level 6 Level 6 (16,205 points)

    If you are asking about logging in after a startup or restart, you can set up your computer to automaticially login by going to System Preferences/Users and groups. Open the lock, select the account you want to automatically login, and select login options. At the top is automatic log. Select the account from the scroll menu and your computer should login automatically.


    Anyone who starts your computer will have access to that account.


    I hope I answered the question you were asking.


    No clue about ScopedBookmarkAgent.

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    niteowl Level 2 Level 2 (385 points)

    No, I'm talking about ScopedBookmarkAgent alwasy asking for my LOGIN-KEYCHAIN password (not my boot-up password) every time I boot-up.

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    About a half a year late for your question, but I am now having the same problem. After researching the web, I can find no one who knows what ScopedBookmarkAgent does but I did determine that every Mac user has it - it is part of Apple's Mac OS X. So, it is safe to give it your keychain password. If it asks EVERY time you reboot, I don't know how to stop that and I hope I don't have that happening to me.

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    I ran the Key Chain repair 5x in a row and the problem went away...?????

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    I just got a request by "ScopedBookmarkAgent" for my password from QuickTime Player, and I'm not satisfied with the "it's from Apple, so it must be safe" answer. There's no reason any password should be needed to play a privately recorded MP3 file. This gives the impression of being some kind of snoopware.

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    I completely agree with GaryFromNashua. I get this when perfom so many tasks associated with the finder or Chrome or iTunes. It drives me crazy. Doesn't happen on my iMac. Just on my MacBook Pro. Running 10.8.2 and something isn't right here.

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    Bookmarks are an improvement on aliases used (among other things) by applications to keep track of files that may move at any time, like media files.  In 10.7+, as Apple began to transition to sandboxing, it augmented bookmarks with "security scoped bookmarks" and incoporate them into the entitlements framework.


    The ScopedBookmarkAgent handles applications requests for scoped bookmarks on your behalf; specifically, applications must use the ScopedBookmarkAgent to receive permission to read/write files outside their sandbox.  Obviously, the ultimate authority to grant that permission is you, the user, and so the agent is asking you for that permission on behalf of the application.


    For those so interested, more info is here: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Security/Conceptual/AppSa ndboxDesignGuide/AppSandboxInDepth/AppSandboxInDepth.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP 40011183-CH3-SW16