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I have a rather large iTunes library (approximately 1TB) made up of Videos (iTunes and non-iTunes) and audio (iTunes and Audible) currently sitting on a 3TB external drive. I was wondering what is the best ie. most effieicent/affordable method to access my iTunes library, on my laptop, when I'm not at home?


I've tried iTunes Match in the past yet, unfortunately, iTunes Match has always succeeded in destroying parts of my iTunes library forcing me to restore from backup (which takes several hours). The only other options that I've been able to find are either 1) Buying a 1TB+ portable external drive and puting my iTunes library on it (costs around $150 for 2TB) or 2) Buying a Slingbox 350 ($180, not sure if a service subscription is required) and watch my iTunes Library through my 3rd Gen Apple TV.


Given that iTunes Match was so problematic for me in the past, are these my only other options? Does anyone know of a better solution as to how I can do this?


Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.1), 16GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive
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    Judging by the "30 views, 0 replies" to my question, I'm guessing that no one knows the answer - thank you for your time.

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    I have a large iTunes library, 600Gb of Music and 20TB odd of video.


    I tried a few different things while I was on the road.


    The VPN back was Ok, but I was looking for ways to run video to hotel rooms and 3G / Hotel WIFI wasn't doing it for me.


    For Video I ended up using AirVideo from my iMac to my iPad, and that was Ok, Pex can do the same now, so will try that as well.


    For music I ended up creating a new login on my iMac and loaded the music that meant the most or was new into iTunes up to 25k songs and shared it using Music Match, that work well for me.


    My guess is that Plex will let you share and remote access all your audio video, I haven't tried it yet though.