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Why of why do I keep getting these messages from iTunes like, "This cannot be played in HD on this computer. You must rent and watch the HD version on an HD-compatible device. Or, you can rent the SD version and watch it on this computer."  And the computer in question is A 15" MACBOOK PRO RETINA DISPLAY.  And the MBP is connected to an Apple TV feeding a 52" 1080 Sony HD TV.


Or, when I I'm succesful getting the HD content downloaded, it'll tell me my display is incompatible when I try to send it to Apple TV.  Then, usually if I just restart my computer, it'll then decide to let me send the HD movie to Apple T.V.  And this latter problem has been going on for over two years.


Anyone know how to fix this?  THANKS

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4), MBP Retina 2.6