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I recently bought the Avengers off iTunes [HD, trying 1080p] but everytime the download gets to around 1.64GB, the timer vanishes and the progress bar stops going up indefinatly, though it says it's still downloading.


The iTunes extra part of the download has installed and works perfectly (it was a seperate download). Occasionally when using the pause/resume all button to try and get the movie download to work the extra came up with a -50 error, but after another reset it downloaded fine. Another issue both have had is the timer starts saying thousnds of hours will be needed for the download after a pause/unpause. The movie is watchable upto about 41 minuets after/during every download


Thing's i have tried:

-Deleting the "Downloads" folder in iTunes media

-Downloading to an external Hard Drive by changing the locatoin of my iTunes Media folder (where the download froze at about 400MB instead of 1.6GB)

-Deleting the film/download file and begging the download anew from "check for availabe downloads"

-Restarting iTunes

-Restarting my computer (2011 13" Mac Book Pro Running Lion 10.7.5)

-Leaving the download to run over night, was still on 1.64GB in the morning.

-Watching/Not Watching whilst downloading.


I might try downloading in SD/720p, but will i be able to download the 1080p version later on if i do so?


Many thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I also have the same issue. I have a number of HD movies pending download with the same issue. I have also tried all of the above before reading the post with no joy. I have also tried downloading to my 64GB iPAD also without resolving the problem. I find it interesting that there has not been a response to the above post on almost 4 months??? My platform is Intel with Windows 7 Pro x64, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD plus HDD storage+++ and the iTunes library is on a Synology NAS Rack Station. All Downloads stop at 1.64GB.

    Does anybody from Apple read posts here?

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    If I try to play the movie on the iPAD after it has stopped at 1.64 GB, it then continues to download the movie and completes the download. This only appears to work if the iPAD is disconnected from iTunes. Will update after another movie or two.

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    Heya, thanks for replying


    I eventually got in touch with iTunes support who could see I still had pending downloads and were quite happy to cancel them and give me a store credit refund. Their advice was to try another movie or leave it for a few weeks as the movie I wanted was under high demand, which may have led to the problems I had (Avengers + Christmas, fair enough really).


    ...so about 2 days later I tried it again along with the batman trilogy and everything downloaded just fine.


    I always hate the idea of going to customer support but I have to say apple's has always been quick, reasonable and helpfull, so just go for it with a detailed explination and you should be fine


    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply...

    This problem has been ongoing for me for a couple of months so I doubt its a demand issue.

    The above worked for me on the pending movies.