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    MLockhart84 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I realize that I'm responding to this thread about a year after it was originally posted, and this is my 2nd Mac. My fiance just got me the MacBook Air. I previously owned the 27 inch desk top that you have, and i LOVED it. I unfortunately lost it (long story, lets not get into it) but i never had the issues that you're having until I got the MacBook. Suddenly when using the internet, if i want to use it in full screen, i lose my menu bar at the top, which to me is extremely aggravating. Especially being a pretty seasoned Mac User. And i noticed in this thread it seems as though people are more interested in arguing with you and trying to make you feel inferior than they are actually trying to help you solve the problem.

    I tried all of the "solutions" they offered and none of them worked. The only thing that i was able to do was to manually resize the screen to my desired size, but unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to lock the safari menu bar in place in when using in full screen mode.

    That seems to be the simple answer.

    If you've found another solution a year later, please let me know! Because right now, I just manually resize. The good news, is that once i manually resized the screen, it seems to default to that everytime i open up safari. I don't need to do it everytime I open the screen.

    I feel your pain friend. It's frustrating to reach out for help and all you get are snyde, "holier and smarter than thou" answers, and arguments instead of solutions. I guess that's just the nature of people these days.

    Peace to you!

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    BAL-iP Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I soo agree with you...

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    Oh man, I totally understand your frustration. You ask one question and people begin answering whatever comes to their mind.


    I've also wanted to acomplish the same thing. I want to stop the menu bar toggling. It annoys me that in Chrome, as in some other applications, when I go to the top of the window to select a given tab, sometimes I go a little too far and the freaking menu pops up. If I have a fairly decent sized screen, I wouldn't mind giving up a few pixels to always show the menu bar when in full screen mode.


    Anyway, I feel your frustration with the answers people give. That's like asking "what's 2+2" and people responding "oh well, 3+3 is 6". Annoying.

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    This is an issue that seems, intuitivly, very easy to fix? Just some line of code from apples developers.


    I am a new mac user, and this issue has really annoyed me. Does the apple team read these posts?


    Along with the hiddeous design on the dock (the whole dock is, annoying, but the silly 3D effect is awful, at least thats what i think), the fullscreen menubar dissapearing has been the thing annoying me to death these first months.


    (In addition: iphoto, itunes 11, and java script in safari(use firefox!))

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    I found the wasted space when not on auto-hide very frustrating as well. I wish we could move the dock to the menu bar, kinda like this. That way we can go to a "maximized" window without losing the menu bar or having an annoying popping up dock. Just hover or click over the box and poof, your favourite apps pop up! 










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    First some posters here don't know the difference between Doc and Menu Bar.  The original post referenced the menu bar which normally lives at the top of the screen.  The latest version of OSX and Safari for some reason, hides the menu bar regardless whether Safari is in full screen mode or not.  Like other people here, I want to be able to see info that shows in the menu bar without having to mouse over it.  This is just so arbitrary and non-Apple like.  This is a fix that Apple has to remedy.

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    I know I'm more than a year late to the party, but I'm also new to mac (pro, OS X 10.8.4) and came across the same issue. I did find a small fix however - and apologies if someone has already mentioned this.


    You actually don't want to be in full screen mode. If you auto-hide your dock (alt-cmd-D or Dock settings) and then maximise your window by hitting the green plus in the top left of your window, the menu bar remains locked while the window takes up the rest of your screen.


    So it becomes a compromise - stay in full screen with a toggled menu bar, or hide your dock in desktop mode but lose the features of full screen (like swiping between multiple windows). Hope that helps!

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    alteredGerbil Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is my 2nd day using a MacBook Pro.


    So far the best solution I've found is this:


    Step 1:

    Install this utility called BetterTouchTool.  I did this because I wanted to be able to drag windows to areas of the screen to have them take up a certain space automatically like in Win 7.  For instance, if I want to compare two documents, I can drag one window to the left of the screen and it automatically resizes the window to the left half of the screen, then do the same thing for the right.


    ANYWAY, you can also drag to the top of the screen to auto maximize


    Also, the BetterTouchTool does this by default, but it really does tons more stuff as well....you can create new gestures for your touchpad or mouse to do whatever you want.  OH, AND ITS FREE.


    Step 2:

    Set your dock to auto hide.  It seems as though the dock only likes to unhide itself if you move the mouse down to the bottm AND STOP MOVING THE MOUSE.  Then it comes up pretty rapidly, but if you don't stop moving the mouse it never comes up.


    Step 3:

    Just drag your window to the top of the screen, and as long as your dock is hidden you get what you want...a maximized screen that still shows the menu bar.


    Its not perfect because its still a workaround to something that should be (and could be for all I know....like I said, this is day 2 for me) a simple option.  That being said, its not a bad work around and works pretty quickly.


    I understand your frustration.  If I had to manually resize every window every time I wanted to maximize it WITHOUT hiding the menu bar I would bash my head against a wall or something.

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    joemc33 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I always leave my screen toolbar showing and my active window unmaximized.  This is the least frustrating configuration for me.  However, adding the BetterTouchTool is a great improvement because of its ability to slide the window in and out of full size without loosing the screen toolbar or having to retrieve it.

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    Maciss Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all,


    New Mac user and first time poster here.

    I have made it here because I have had the same question as the first post in this thread.

    I haven't read all five pages here to see if there has been an answer, I gave up on page two. BUT I think I have a solution. Its not perfect and I haven't tried it yet, but I see no reason why it wont work.

    So here it is.

    Get a program that will allow you to have two cursors on the same screen at the same time. One of them controlled only when a hot key is pressed down or a mouse is plugged in. Take one of the cursors and put it up in the top right hand corner of your screen (assuming you don't have a hot corner set up there... turn it off in that corner if you do). The tool bar will pop down and stay down as long as that cursor is up there. Its left there to be totally redundant but the tool bar will forever stay down.

    Your primary cursor then goes about its daily jobs as normal.


    Ive seen a couple of programs that will do this

    heres a link to one of them


    Ive down loaded it but not installed and played with it just yet... but it looks promising... even if you have to plug a mouse in to position the cursor.

    Like I said, its not prefect... if someone gives it a go before I do, post back with results

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    Hi, i am new to posting to these threads and i dont know if you have found your answer, but it is simple. much more than anyone else here is trying to make it. THE ONLY WAY TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IS: 1. go to dock bar and right click, choose to hide dock bar (as in is dissapears like the menu bar you want to stop dissapearing)  2. exit full screen in safari 3. drag safari window to touch all corners of your screen. This accomplishes what you want BUT at the cost of having the dock bar act like the menu bar all the time ie. hiding at the home screen.  Other than that no go.

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    Westrup1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There are two steps to achieve what I believe is the desired effect you are looking for:



    1)  Click the apple on top left of screen, go to Dock, then click turn hiding on

    2)  In Safari, exit full screen mode (double arrows at right corner) and resize to take up as much space as screen will allow


    This will keep the menu bar at top and have mouse over view for the dock.



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    bobbd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    To add to what Westrup1 said, you can use Option-Command-D to make the Dock hide whenever you want. If you do that and then click the maximize (green) button, the window should fill the screen and leave the menu bar at the top. In playing with Firefox, I also found that if I maximize first, the window maximizes but leaves the dock, as expected. If I then hide the Dock, and  click Maximize again, Firefox expands to fill the screen. Another click on Maximize and Firefox goes back to what it was before the first Maximize. So there are 3 steps instead of the expected two. I would expect that most Apps would work this way except for those that override the maximize functionality.



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    chajcu Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Really? Still nothing? I am also so frustrated by the first replays but mostly by this missing menu bar. Its like 10 px height it takes almost no space yet it provides you with so many information time, battery life etc. But the most annoying thing is that every time i want to switch a tab in FSM i go with my mouse a little bit too far and the menu bar suddenly pops out! what a nightmare! I can stand it any longer! It pops out all the time! I want it to be visible and fixed all the time. Please Apple dev do sth about it!

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    I highly doubt that Apple will ever change this functionality. I expect that they view full screen mode as a view with no distractions, even the date and time. Personally I agree with you regarding the Menu Bar. At least the application menus should be easily available. And I find the way they work more distracting because when they do appear, they overlay the top of the application window.


    That said, and since Apple likely won't change anything, the best option I've found is to use maximize and hide the dock. In most cases, that gives you a full screen with a menu bar. This avoids the menu bar popping open because it's always open.


    Another option, if you're just looking to easily access the application menus, is to use MenuPop or MenuEverywhere from Binary Bakery. They pop up the application menus wherever the mouse pointer is via a shortcut key. Unfortunately, nothing stops the menu bar popping open if you get too close to it in full screen mode.



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