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I'm trying to burn a DVD and I'm doing something wrong.


I've watched tuturials on the net on how to make a simple DVD.


I upload the assests.


I drag them to the window and load it in Create Button and Track.


I set the First Play point.


I check it out in simulate.




I put it in my DVD player and it calls it a DATA DVD and it won't play it.


When I first check it out on my computer, it plays.


But, if I remove the DVD and than reinsert it, it won't.


What step am I missing?


I've done this about 10 times, all with the same results.

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Russ H Level 6 Level 6 (14,255 points)

    You should create the assets by encoding your movie in Compressor – using one of the DVD presets.


    Import the two elementary streams that Compressor produces into DVDSP.


    Get rid of the menu and drag the two files into the Track one icon (in Grphical view). Set to First Play.


    Check it in Simulator.




    When that is complete, go to Format and choose an available  optical drive from the dialogue window (output device).


    If you insert DVD-R into your burner and burn (from within DVD SP), it should work.



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    Thank YOU that did the trick.


    If I can just ask one question.


    The only difference between what I was doing and what you told me was I had it in HD not SP.


    When I watched the tuturial the person said they put it in SP because their footage was miniDV.


    My footage is DSLR HD. So, I put it in HD.


    What's the difference? Why did HD make it a Data DVD and SP make it a Video DVD?


    The point is moot because your way worked. But, I'm just curious.


    THANKS AGAIN. I just watched the first 40 minutes on an 8' x 5' screen and it looked and sounded great. It's such a shame my lead actresses (3 of them) were complete flakes. This movie could have been really good.

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    A DVD Video disc is always standard definition.


    The DVD HD format is an obsolete one that lost out in the HD wars to Blu-Ray. It can only be played on your Mac and some set top devices from Toshiba that stopped being manufactured in 2008.

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    Wow. Thank You. That's something.