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So when I type "I could be the next Obama" on iPhone without the period after "Obama" the name "Obama" will disappear, try it.


There is also a video on YouTube that shows this happening.



So I called Apple and the representive told me to turn off Auto-Correction and that should solve the problem. He said that the reason the it was deleted because the iPhone got confused about the language and just deleted the name "Obama". Well I typed in other forgien names, with auto correct on, it didn't do anything. So what is Apple trying to say?


Are they trying to be funny?


This also happens when you type "The best prize is a surprise" the word "surprise" will disappear. So Apple once again what is going on?



***This seems to only happen on iOS devices. When I sent the iMessage to my MacBook it showed the deleted word, but when I sent it tp my iPad the words "Obama" and "surprise" were hidden.


And for anyone else what do you think is the cause of this? What do you think Apple is trying to say?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3