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We had been able to import photos (and HD movies) into iPhoto '11 in versions before 9.4.3 (720.91) from a Nikon D5100 camera SDHC 16GB memory card with no problem. In the current version however (apparently after the latest update to iPhoto '11) after importing the contents of the SDHC memory card with Nikon D5100 photos and movies, some of the photos (in raw file format) appear as black boxes in iPhoto after the import.


So Note the following:

  1. iPhoto ' 11 Direct Import - does not work
    Direct import from Nikon D5100 SDHC (Lexar) memory card results in some photos appearing as opaqe black boxes in iPhoto '11
  2. Nikon, Inc. Nikon Transfer app - works to get files into folder in Mac OS X
    using the exact same memory card on the exact same computer (MacBook Pro) to import those same photos and movies using the "Nikon Transfer" application - ALL of the photos import into the MacBook Pro in the same raw file format.
  3. Indirect Method of getting Photos into iPhoto '11 (never had to do this before but this works)
    after getting the photos into a folder in the MacBook Pro file system using the "Nikon Transfer" application from Nikon, Inc. - iPhoto '11 is able to import those raw NEF files from the folder in the MacBook Pro file system into iPhoto '11 with no problem and those same black box pictures (observed with direct iPhoto '11 transfer) now look fine after doing an "indirect transfer" as described above ( memory card --> Nikon, Inc. "Nikon Transfer" application --> folder with raw NEF photos in MacOSX --> iPhoto '11


Has something changed in the latest version of iPhoto '11 to prevent import of Nikon D5100 photos in raw-NEF file format?



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