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I have been a Macintosh technician for many years. I specialized in audio and video but also did other things for my clients such as small home networks, ios, backup, lite data recovery etc.

I recently was offered a job with a company that sends technicians out on jobs but many of them are somewhat corporate in nature and require knowledge I do not have yet. I want to attempt to prepare myself with videos, books and web sites but I want to make sure I am learning the most useful stuff.

What GREAT resources are out there for me to brush up on using Macintosh computers in corporate/creative environments like publishing etc., accessing servers, mapping drives, network printers and scanners etc.


Basically, all the things one would need to master to move into Macintosh "Corporate" IT from home and studio IT. I know it is a 'tall order" but i am up for it.


What books, videos should I buy? Web Sites? Courses?


They don't need me to be "the dude". I will likely never have to set any of this up, just troubleshoot common issues with these systems and get around fine in the environments.


This is a sample work order for what i might have to deal with (i am mainly interested in the networking as the publishing hardware and software manuals will need to be studied)


  • Problems logging into Outlook on his Mac. He is using Outlook Web Access (OWA) to allow temp access. Please diagnose and repair the issue.
  • Kerberos warnings in (3) FireFox and something related to (3) Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite Login too.
  • Adobe Folio Builder Panel for Mac says it needs updaJng before I can use it. hLp://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/


  • Adobe Content Viewer may also need updating. I'll know for sure after the Folio Builder Panel is updated.
  • Xerox 7700GX rebooJng issue. Job are hanging and causing restarts. Obtain problem files - Please call Xerox and determine

    a fix.

  • Mac Server connecJon. Reviewing error code she provided. Check and see if problem has been resolved. Error is “Could not

    save “filename” because write access was not granted".

  • Epson Scanning over the network is no longer working. Please address
  • Please run a report and check for various “user installed” serialized soYware (i.e. plugins, screen capture apps, etc) List

    anything that ProAcJve does not have a serial number for. This needs to be compiled

  • PC user would like to be connected to the Mac Xerox printer.
  • There is a new HP PloLer driver that needs to be tested for prinJng and installed hLp://bit.ly/105ILAO
  • Check on setup of asset tag ZZ as 4th staJon in room XX. It only has only 1Gb of Ram. See if there is another faster

    workstaJon to setup and install licensed apps on vs using this one.

  • There is a request to add to new users to the Mac OS X 10.6 server
  • There was a problem with Powerpoint when the Mac file opened on a PC
  • Flip4Mac Studio HD Pro issue
  • exporJng to quicktime issue
  • After effects issues


I understand the nature of these issues and could research the answers however I'd like to study so that I would KNOW these answers or how to fix the problems right off the bat.


I realize the printing and scanning will be learned only by reading the manuals for the machines.


Thanks In Advance,


OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)