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I have a MBP 15" of late 2011 running 10.8.3. I'm a musician and I have an Apogee Duet 2 external soundcard and an M-Audio MIDI-keyboard connected to the MBP and everything is working excellent when I perform. At home in my studio I have a pair of KRK active monitors connected to the soundcard. I'm more than happy with the setup when it comes to actually playing.


BUT... I have no sound when using Spotify, YouTube or iTunes. If I connect headphones straight into the MBP there is sound, but no sound through soundcard. Yes, Duet 2 is marked as soundsource in the settings.


Help is much appreciated!


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MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Check your Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities. I had a similar situation where somehow the output was muted. I have no idea why it was, but unchecking the Mute box fixed it.

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    I already checked that, not muted.


    After a few days of searching the web for solutions, I found one that seemed too simple to be true. It worked, though! Someone out there had the same problem and the solution was to simply change the USB ports. I unplugged the MIDI keyboard and the Duet and switched places. Only God knows why that worked...