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i ve putted my iphone 3gs on a different laptop  because the battery was dead.

now when i turn my iphone on its blocked because my telephone blockingcode isn't the same since then....?

the first time after i startet my iphone the code isn't working anymore i've tryed to many times now and its blocked?


the only thing that works is to that i can make an emmergency call??

iPhone 3GS, Windows XP
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    diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7 (21,935 points)

    There is no "telephone blockingcode".


    Do you mean the passcode lock?

    If so, connect the device to the computer it normally syncs with and restore to remove the passcode.

    If that computer is not available, restore from any computer running iTunes as new.  This will require putting the device in DFU mode (google it) and will result in ALL data on the device being lost.