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Is there a firewire cable available which will allow me to breakout the audio and video from my macbook? I'm looking for one cable which will allow a separate hookup to video, and a separate hookup to audio.

mbpro17, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 4G ram
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    You need special software for that. Google, "firewire separate video and audio."

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    No such cable.   You could do this with a Firewire based camcorder that supports AV/DV passthrough, or an analog/digital converter like a GrassValley AVDC 110.  But your source video would need to be DV and you would need to play it in iMovie or Final Cut in order to get video & audio output via firewire.


    The bigger question is, what is the source video you want to play, and why do you want to connect a/v externally via FireWire?