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I'm switching from Windows 7 to a Macbook Pro, I don't know how or what I can do to get my music on my 160GB iPod to transfer over, without formatting my device and losing the some 2990 songs I already have.


Any suggestions will be great!

iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009), Windows 7
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    Hi Leslie4040,



    Welcome to the Apple family! Having a new MacBook Pro is exciting, lets see if we can transfer over your iTunes library from your old computer. I've found some helpful resources for you:


    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer



    When you get a new computer, iTunes can help move your music so you can play and sync it from the new computer. Read below for help choosing the option that is right for you.


    In my experience, the best solution is to use an external drive (Option 2). Alternatively, you may be able to use your iPod to transfer the music:


    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer



    Because your iPod contains a high-capacity drive, you can use it to move all your music from your old computer to the new one.



    Enjoy the new MacBook Pro!


    Matt M.

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    If you want to move your complete iTunes setup on the Windows machine to the Mac, including things like playlists, playcount, ratings, videoes, etc., in addition to the songs themselves, the best way it to use the method in the document linked above (and below)




    using the section External Drive.  If you use this method, the rest of the document does not apply.


    This procedure may seem somewhat complex, but THIS is really what you are doing.


    - Get all of your iTunes files and data in one place, which is in the iTunes folder, located in your Music folder.


    - Connect external drive to old PC, and copy that iTunes folder to the external drive.


    - Connect external drive to new Mac, and copy that iTunes folder to the new Mac, making the iTunes folder from the old PC take the place of the existing iTunes folder on the new Mac.


    When you next run iTunes on the Mac, it uses the iTunes folder from the old PC and your iTunes setup should look like it did on the old PC, except for any differences based on iTunes version or Mac versus Windows cosmetics. If you keep my short "overview" of the procedure in mind when reading all the detailed steps in the procedure document, it may help with understanding why you are doing all those steps.


    You can use your iPod as the external drive (with disk use enabled), but since it currently also has your songs, you should keep it "as is" (as the "fallback"), just in case something goes wrong with the PC to Mac procedure above.