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Replaced my Iphone 5 today with a new one because the button was broken. I took some pictures, now I just restored my iphone back from iCloud and suddenly allll the pictures that I took just now are completely gone?????? How can I get them back

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Probably not, what you should've done was import those new pics to your computer and then sync them back to your phone after you restored from your backup.


    since you restore your phone from a backup, your current data is gone.

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    Did you take the pictures before you did the restore? If so, when you do a restore from a backup, you have to realize that you have restored the phone to a particular place in time. That place in time was when you last backed up the phone, which was before you got the new one. In that case, anything that you did after the backup was erased. The photos are gone.