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The situation:

-Mac OS is not bootable.

-Wanted to reinstall Mac OS

-Tried to boot from DVD

-DVD is ejected

-Tried other DVDs to see if they would stay in. They didnt.

-I assume the optical lens is dirty (because i have had the same problem before, but then i could boot to the Mac OS on my HDD and clean it using a cleaning disc)



How can I clean the optical lens with no functional operating system on my HDD? Do bootable cleaning discs exist? Other solutions?


Machine: MacBook2.1

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    Partially solved it myself.


    Seems highly nonsensical, but this is what i have to do to make it work:


    (-Both computers share the same TV-monitor)

    -Computer A is turne on

    -Switch input on the tv to Computer B

    -Turn on Computer B

    -Wait for log in screen to appear

    -Switch TV-input to Comupter A

    -Activate share screen

    -Log in as adminstrator


    No idea why the tv input settings affects share screen, but it does.