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I have the first half of my movie complete. It's taking up close to 400gigs of a 1 TB internal HD. With my old computer the 400gigs left are starting to make FCP work slower.


I'm going to throw all my first half on an external HD and save it. But, being the paranoid I am I'd also like to keep a copy on my internal HD. Of course that's impossible because of my reasoning to remove it in the first place.


A LONG time ago I knew of a way to take everything on the Timeline and create new versions where the only thing it keeps is what's on the timeline. So 10 seconds of a 5 minute clip is now only 10 seconds long. So instead of what I leave on my HD being 400gigs, it might only be 100.


Could someone please remind me how to do that. Does it sometimes mess what's on the timeline? For some reason I remember one or two frame gaps between shots every once in a while.



Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I doubt that it's the media that's causing the slowdown.  How large is your fcp project file.  It should be limited to about 100 megs.  If it's much more than that, do a save as and start paring away material that's not need on a daily basis. 


    You can do a media manage to reduce the amount of media.  It can be a little confusing, so post back if you have any issues or questions.


    If you had problems with one or 2 frame gaps in the timeline, more than likely you're mixing frame rates in fcp which is not recommended.  Here's a useful fcp tip with some info on mixing frame rates




    Also, working with some formats can cause system sluggishness.   Transcoding to a more fcp friendly format can help that.  You can use media manager or compressor to do that.


    Also, extremely complicated timelines can cause sluggishness.  Just going thru and cleaning stuff up, can help.

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    It's strange the first half of my movie is one hour in length,and I have no problem playing that.It plays great.


    I've started a brand new project for the second half, and I literally have 4 small files and it stops and goes at will. That usually happens (I notice) when my HD is starting to get stressed.


    I did the media manager yesterday, and I'm going to keep the original  footage and FC files on an external HD and keep the media manager copy on the internal.


    All the footage is Pro Res 422 and every onece in a while I find a gap. It's weird.


    Thanks again for the help and advice.

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    Is everything the exact same frame rate (sources and sequence)? 

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    Yep. Same camera, everything.


    Honestly, it's probably me. I've edited 4 full length features, and I have a unique way of working. I know it's wrong, but basically I bought FCP dumped it on my computer and started editing. So, I really do just the basics. Which I'm sure there's easier ways of doing them. Probably when I'm working on the sound, I accidently move the video a frame or two. Once I slide it back in place it all works fine. Eventually there's always a place where there's a break to move everything past it back into place.


    I know I sound like I have no idea what I'm doing. But, all the features I've worked on have worldwide distribution deals. Here I am asking about media manager. Go figure.