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I subscribe to many podcasts, and because of that, I have my iPhone 5 and Nano (gen 2) settings to only sync "unplayed" podcasts.  There is no problem with syncing those podcasts.


However, there are a handful of old podcasts that I want to transfer to my iPhone and Nano but cannot seem to get them on.  I made a separate Smart playlist for those podcasts, and when I tell the Nano and iPhone to sync that playlist, it doesn't work.  On my iPhone, I will see the playlist listed, but it's completely empty.  On my Nano, the playlist doesn't even appear.


Does anybody know how I can transfer old podcasts to my other devices?  BTW, I do know those podcasts still exist on my hard drive because I can play them on my Mac, so that can't be the problem.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3