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I completed a full backup of my iPhone 4.0 to my iMac. I then bought an iPhone 5.0 and restored this from the backup of the 4.0 on the iMac. The contact list on the 5.0 is not just listing the contacts from the 4.0, but is additionaly also showing contacts I have emailed from my iMac over a long period of time. This has resulted in over 1200 contacts appearing in my 'Phone' contact list on the 5.0 (the 4.0 had about 60).


Also it would seem some of those emailed contacts also show anyone else copied in on an email, so for example 'John Appleseed' in my 5.0 'Phone' contact list also shows all other contacts who were copied in on an email to John Appleseed.


I have gone through and manually deleted the contacts I do not need from the 5.0, but wow then can I ensure that the any new backup jut contains these contacts and is not replaced again from the iMac email list (which I assume is an Address Book synch conflict?)

iMac Intel 24", Mac OS X (10.6.6), iPad, MacBook Air, iPhone 4