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I just bought a late 2012 mac mini and my experience with it have been a living ****.
I am having that ******* flickering problem and it is constant different than some people that have it occasionally.

I am using the mac on a samsung b2230 monitor with the DVI cable and the oficial dvi adaptor. And with a samsung tv un40d5000 through the HDMI cable.

I am having problem with both.

So What the **** is going on? Should I buy other cables? Should I return the ******* computer to Apple and make them give me another one? I am not buying a cinema diplay, they too expensive I cant afford it.



Please, I need some help I have been in apple assitence on the store and in the phone and they didn't help me at all.

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Hi, Roberto.


    What resolution are you trying to get?


    Have you tried a mini display port cable? [the thunderbolt port]


    If the resolution is too high [ say above 1920 x 1080 for a TV] you won't get a clear signal.


    For high resolution using DVI [say 2560 x 1600] you need a dual link DVI cable. A standard DVI doesn't have the thoughput to give you a clear signal.


    Without more information, I can't suggest anything else.





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    Hi  Scorpii

    I am usign the 1920x1080  resolution. I have set it in some ridiculos

    low resolutions such as 1600x900 and it still flickering.


    I bought  a hdmi  to mini display port adapter but it is not with me yet. I shouldent have bought it since the hdmi is supost to work .  But I spent to holping to end this torture and finaly can use  the computer.