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how do i show more than one birthday date and or anniversary date from Contacts in Calendar?

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    Hello john.george,


    Thank you for using the Apple Support Communities.  I found steps that will help you add birthdays and anniversary dates in Contacts so that it will show up in Calendar:


    1. Open Address Book and go to a contact to which you’d like to add a birthday.
    2. Pull down the Card menu and choose Birthday from the Add Field option.

    The birthdays you add in Address Book automatically appear in iCal if you:

    1. Open iCal.
    2. Choose Preferences from the iCal menu.
    3. Click the checkbox next to Show Birthdays calendar (under the General tab).


    If you need to add an additional birthday or anniversary, you can select Date in the menu and make a custom label called Birthday or Anniversary. 


    You can find the link to the steps below.  This link says it is for Address Book and iCal, but it will also work for Contacts and Calendar:

    Create a Birthdays Calendar




    All the best,

    Sheila M.

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    Hi john.george,


    You can add additional birthday or anniversarydates to Contacts as Sheila M> advises but they will not sync to the Calendar application.


    I have written an application to add these addtional dates to the Calendar application. It is shareware and you can try it for two weeks before purchasing. Dates to iCal 2 is a replacement for Apple's birthday calendar for the Mac OSX Calendar application plus much more. It has a range of features to allow the user to choose what, and what not, to sync to the Calendar application for all dates from Contacts.


    Best wishes

    John M



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