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I just recently moved to a new house and my macbook pro can't connect to the wifi. Even if it was connected, the page doesnt load. Sometimes it works fine but usually it disconnects. When i try connecting back, it says "connection time out" or "invalid password". The other laptops in the house doesnt have any problem connecting. My iphone also does not have any problem connecting either. Whenever i try clicking "network diagnostics" and click on my wifi, it says "This computer was unable to join the Wi-Fi Network you selected. You may have entered an incorrect password or network name, chosen the wrong type of wireless security, or you may be out of range of the base station." Though the wifi modem is just right outside my room. When i click "network setup assistant" and click on my wifi, it always say "invalid password" and i know i type in the right password. The house i was previously staying in, the wifi works totally fine. Can anyone help me? Is there something wrong with my mac or is it the wifi? Though, i doubt its the wifi because all the other laptops in the house is working perfectly fine. Its just my mac that is having problems (btw, im the only one using mac in the house).

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)