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I'm using a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.3.  I was copying a folder of photos to an external HD.  I moved the external HD and the USB plug pulled out a little bit, but enough to interrupt the transfer.  I couldn't cancel the transfer after that point and had to force shut down the computer.  Now the folder I was copying is faded, has a creation date of 1984 and shows 0 KB.   The same was the case on the external drive and trying to delete the faded folder from the external drive wouldn't work.  I had to log out, sign in as a guest and was able to delete the file from the external drive.


A few times, the folder was accessible on the main drive but fades when the external drive was plugged in.  Now it's faded and inaccessible when the drive is not plugged in, or plugged in now that the partial copy has been deleted.


Any idea on how I can access the folder on the main HD now?  I'm assuming there may be a corrupted file thanks to the interrupt, but if I can't open the folder how can I fix this?



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