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Spyware is very easily accessible and requires nothing from the Apple store, and although I realize some of these posts are several years old-at this point, it is simply misinformation.  All one needs is a similar program to the one in the link above and not only can your sms messages be accessed, your calls be intercepted and recorded, but the camera in your phone can be remotely accessed and activated at any given time without your knowledge.  As you tap away on your handy little iPhone you love so much, in whatever possibly "compromising" or embarrassing position you may be in at the time, a creeper can be looking you straight in your face or observing your enviornement at their leisure.  Imagine the horror in finding out that you were sitting there on the toilet gaming and someone was watching you the whole time or better yet, while you were involved in an intimate interaction while your phone sat charging on a dock on the nightstand next to the bed?  How about knowing that every incoming and outgoing communication is recorded and documented for the creep to scroll and read through like a book? 



This is some scary stuff, and it's been used on me via an encrypted picture message.  I've done a full restore of my iPhone and the pc used for backing up via iTunes to ensure that the spyware wasn't then rooted into the pc or the iTunes, and was even told to create an etirely new Apple ID, but aside from this and there being no true scanning software for malware, spyware or viruses for the iPhone-how can I be sure that this encrypted software has truly been eradicated?  Is there an antiviral program that I am unware of?  I'm not looking for a secure AVG browser, I'm looking for a detect and destroy scanner program.


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