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Since upgrading to iOS 6.1.4 I can't join WiFi network or pair with bluetooth.  6.1.3 worked fine.  Insights?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settongs

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    Thanks modular747.  Several times... no success.

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    One more symptom to add to this issue... I was unable to backup the phone using iTunes.



    Made a Genius Bar appt.  They re-imaged the phone with a clean version of 4.1.6 and all is now well.



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    Tried resets all the way up to restoring the phone and stopped there. It is this version of iOS - Found the trouble when trying to pair the Bose Soundlink Mini (having worked just the day before) with no succes. Now finding none of the BT devices which previously worked without issue will pair/connect with the iphone 5 with the 6.1.4 update - ALSO Wi-Fi rejecting the network password. AWESOME!!!

    So, I have been able to pair and use the assorted BT devices with the following:

    iPad (2 of them), Macbook, my work phone (iphone4s running some 5th gen iOs) and the cherry on top - an iphone5 with 6.1.3 - all worked without issue.

    Called Apple: [paraphrasing] I understand your frustration, however Apple is unaware of any issues such as those which you are describing...


    What a load of Horse Pucky...Nothing left to do except torch the phone with a restore - which seems not have worked for anyone who's tried it here. Or wait for Apple to fess up and fix the bug!


    Oh yeah - the music is wonky too. On many of the albums (which played flawlessly only days ago) now run through each and every track in less than a second and ending. So I can add that to the list of odd happenings that are slowly turning my iphone into a very expensive paperweight...


    Apple folks may be well to remember the old saying: Pride goeth before the fall...