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I'm running 10.8


Shared a Calendar with a friend who uses iCloud and it sent me a confirmation email saying they subscribed but it showed their iCloud alias which is not what I sent it to. Recipient was using Mac running 10.7.


Invited a friend who uses Gmail to an event and it came to him from my iCloud alias that I never use and recipient didn't know existed. Recipient was using iPhone 5 on iOS 6.


Yes, my Calendar app is setup with my main iCloud account (not my alias).


Yes my main iCloud email is the default email in my Apple ID settings.


Since it's happening in both scenario 1 and 2 it leads me to think it's an iCloud bug not a user bug...?


How do I get my Calendar invites to go under my main iCloud account and not the alias?


Thanks for your time

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)