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I am using ITunes under Windows Vista 64 bit.

When I went to start ITunes, I got a message - which I didn't write down - that an xml file was corrupted.

ITunes continued to load after I responded to the pop-up, but all of my playlists were gone and all songs that used to be in playlists could not be found.

I first tried loading the songs to the library using Add Folder to Library, but when I selected a folder, the Select Folder button disappeared when I went to click on it and double clicking on the folder on the folder failed with a message that said "No items match your search".

Nexit, I readded the playlist song folders one by one using Add Files to Library after selecting all songs within the folder.

Next, I searched for folder's song in Songs, right clicked on the block and selected Add to Playlist. This created a playlist name and when it was displayed I hit enter and then selected Done.

I also tried adding the songs to the playlist by finding them in Songs and then dragging them to a playlist I had already created.

At this point, I had my playlists back, but when I opened them, there were no songs to be seen.

I then readded the songs to a single playlist and the songs appeared. However, this only worked one playlist at a time, since, if I readded songs for another playlist, the songs belonging to the first playlist disappeared.

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