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Hi, I have a 10.8.2 Lion server.


After I check on preferences / sharing / sharing internet, the acces from clients to the server with Open Directory fail.


On client (mac osx 10.8), the access, with ip of the server is color red.

I have ping ok, but the server dont respond.


On the server, the service is active.


Some ideas about this behavior?



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    cpragman Level 2 Level 2 (445 points)

    Sharing internet?  Why would you do that with a server?

    Perhaps DNS on the server isn't configured properly, or the client isn't configured to use your server for DNS lookups?  Easiest way to set this is on the network router, so when clients join/boot, the router tells them to look to the Server for all DNS lookups.